In the charming town of Victor, Fire on Main stands as a hallmark of culinary and mixological excellence. Our cocktail menu, rich with inventive concoctions and classic favorites with a twist, is a celebration of flavors, craftsmanship, and local heritage. From the robust depth of a well-crafted Bloody Mary to the sweet whispers of an autumn-inspired whiskey blend, each drink tells a story, inviting patrons to a journey through taste and tradition.

signature cocktails

A Tribute to Classics with a Twist

Fire on Main pays homage to the timeless allure of cocktail classics while infusing them with a unique flair. Take, for example, our McGhan's Nearly Famous Bloody Mary, a vibrant rendition of the beloved brunch cocktail, featuring Reyka Vodka and Clem McGhan's homemade bloody Mary mix, garnished with a spicy salt rim, olives, and a pickle spear. For those who prefer a twist on tradition, the Bloody Maria swaps vodka for Milagro Tequila, offering a spirited kick to the morning favorite. Not to be overlooked, the Manhattan on Main elevates the conventional Manhattan with Iron Smoke Bourbon and tart cherry juice, delivering a balance of sweetness and complexity.

Innovation and Seasonal Splendor

Embracing the spirit of innovation and the bounty of the seasons, Fire on Main introduces cocktails that both refresh and intrigue. The Autumn Donkey, with Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Whiskey and a hint of nutmeg, encapsulates the essence of fall in a glass. Meanwhile, the Blue Deviltini offers an eye-catching blend of Stoli Raz Vodka, Cointreau, and Blue Curacao, complete with a gold sugar rim for a touch of elegance. For those with a penchant for sweetness, the Chocolate Martini combines Reyka Vodka, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Dark Crème De Cacao, finished with chocolate shavings for a decadent treat.

We invite you to join us in Victor for an unforgettable evening of exploration and indulgence, where each sip of our crafted cocktails unveils a new dimension of flavor and artistry. Complement the experience with our delectable brick oven pizzas, designed to harmonize perfectly with your drink of choice, whether it's a bold Bloody Mary, a sophisticated Manhattan, or a whimsical martini. Our menu is curated to delight every palate and elevate your dining experience. Step into our world, where the celebration of exquisite cocktails meets the warmth of brick oven pizza, and discover your new favorite pairing today.

Contact our team today at 585-398-7593 or through our contact form for more information. We can't wait to serve you!